Amazon daily quiz answer

Amazon daily morning quiz answers today

Q1.Which of the following is the official language in Argentina?

Answer : Spanish.

Q2. In India, Engineer’s Day is celebrated on September 15. It commemorates the birth anniversary of which Indian scientist?

Answer : M. Visvesvaraya.

Q3. While most societies follow a patrilineal tradition wherein the father’s name is passed on to the children, some do not. Which one of these Indian ethnic communities follow a matrilineal tradition?

Answer : Khasi, Meghalaya.

Q4. Rahul Dravid was recently appointed as the Head of Cricket at the NCA (National Cricket Academy). When was the NCAfounded?

Answer : 2000.

Q5. In the Lion King, what is the name of Simba’s uncle i.e. Mufasa’s brother?

Answer : Scar.

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